Since sacrificing my life to law school, at least 12 hours of each weekday is dedicated to my studies. Needless to say, I am constantly trying to get the most out of my weekends. I have accepted that I just don’t have time for some of the things I used to enjoy like throwing pots and sewing. But I have to do something to keep myself from going crazy.


Making an effort to spend some time outdoors each weekend has really made a difference in how I feel come Sunday night. I no longer worry about having wasted all my time running errands or sitting in front of the TV. As a bonus, since I’ve started taking more pictures I have something tangible to make the experience last.


Today we went to Briones Regional Park in Martinez, CA. We went in the late afternoon hoping to get a good view of the sunset. After hiking about a mile or so the wooded trail opened up to endless rolling hills. We immediately chose the tallest hill and headed for it. It was a bit of a climb, especially since the trails don’t go to the top, but the view was worth it.


I was excited to find two cows grazing just on the other side of the barbed wire fence. I immediately bellowed my cow song, which sounds something like a cow with a cat stuck in its throat. They clearly weren’t interested in what I was saying as they just ignored us, but at least I didn’t scare them away!

DSCF1526On the next hilltop over we saw a peculiar stack of wood. It was out of place, far away from the nearest trail, leading me to the natural assumption that it was erected by the Blair Witch. As it turns out the wood was the remains of the old fence, complete with a side of barbed wire nests. I’ll never know who decided to artfully stack the fence posts, but I’m thankful that they did (even if it was the Blair Witch) and I hope more people travel off the trail to go discover this hidden treasure.

DSCF1544 - Version 2


About Sassafras Gummipants

Full-time law student with a bad case of kitchen curiosity. Loves T-Rex jokes and funny cat videos.
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