Muir Woods

Don and I hiked around Muir Woods today. The rainy morning only made the scenery more picturesque. The rain darkened the soil and left droplets on the clovers. I don’t usually take a lot of pictures when I’m out on adventures; I just don’t think about it. But this expedition was especially for taking pictures – for Don. I borrowed his everyday camera to help keep me busy while he set up the perfect shot. Turns out I got some pretty good ones myself. I give credit to my many Art History and Lighting Design courses in undergrad.


About Sassafras Gummipants

Full-time law student with a bad case of kitchen curiosity. Loves T-Rex jokes and funny cat videos.
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One Response to Muir Woods

  1. mdvaden says:

    Rain or wet is the ultimate for the redwoods. Amazing how the redwood sorrel looks so good all 4 seasons.

    M. D. Vaden / Redwood Explorer


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